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Juicing Promises Better Health

In the interest of better health through easier digestion and assimilation, nutrition authorities like Norman Walker, Walther Schoenenberger and Pauvo Alrola recommend separating the juices from the fibrous materials before consuming them. This way, much of the nutritional benefit of a large amount of fruit or vegetable may be obtained simply by drinking a glass of juice. We can, of course, drink far more juice than we can comfortably east whole vegetables. About 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) of whole fruit or vegetable will make 1/2-1 liter (1 quart) of juice. Naturally, the juice has a higher concentration of minerals, vitamins, trace element, enzymes and valuable building materials for strong, healthy cells. Juice therapy - that is, drinking freshly extracted juices daily - will revitalize the body in an amazingly short time. Those with a poor appetite can drink their nourishment without having to force food into an unwilling stomach.

Those who suffer from stomach or intestinal ulcers often cannot eat raw vegetables, but they can easily drink soothing and healing carrot juice. Raw potato juice will do wonders for an ailing stomach. The juice is alkaline and will provide enzymes to aid in digestion. But make no mistake: raw juices are not just for sick and ailing. Raw juices are for everybody. As a matter of fact, nutritionally, juice therapy is the healthiest thing you can do for your body. Besides the water in the juice, which is pure and unadulterated, you receive minerals and vitamins, enzymes and trace element, all in their most natural, concentrated form. And unlike cooked food, the nutrients found in juices retain their natural molecule structure, which the body recognizes instantly and puts to work immediately-without a lengthy digestion time. You are ingesting live food that's why you feel better. I guarantee it, no matter what your state of health.

Start Early

Raw carrot juice is excellent for babies. It can be mixed with milk and fed as soon as the baby needs a little more than just mother's milk. Straight carrot juice can be fed to babies after they are weaned; it provides the pro-vitamin beta-carotene as well as minerals and contributes to rich blood and good skin color. There will be no colic, cradle cap or skin rash-reactions often seen in babies given formula. And fresh carrot juice continues to be invaluable to growing children, who will drink the naturally sweet juice when it is sometimes impossible to coax them to eat their vegetables. For adolescents, carrot juice aids the normal development of glands and prevents, or helps overcome acne.

Above all, raw vegetable and fruit juice taken daily guarantee that the body receives its quota of building material for its trillions of cells. The daily dose of enzymes alone, which are not available from hamburgers and other cooked foods (because enzymes do not survive heat over 118F or 48C), will make a difference in how you feel. Think of the enzymes as the catalyst-or spark plugs- for a well functioning metabolism.

Without enzymes there is no digestion. It is true that the body produces most enzymes on its own, but as we grow older our bodies make less and less digestive enzymes. As we slow down, so too does our digestion. Lack of enzymes causes poor digestion, which in turn makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients from food intake.

The preceding article excerpted from:

"Juicing for the Health of it"


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