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Herbs and a Holistic Lifestyle

FROM: The Healing Herbs Cookbook by Pat Cricker

Herbs are beginning to sprout back into modern culture. People with a concern about toxic chemicals in food are buying fresh, nutrient-rich organic herbs along with their fruits and vegetables, and so the vitamins, minerals and trace elements in herbs are once again contributing significantly to our diet. Cosmetics are now available that are not based on petrochmicals, but have as their base pure essential oils derived from herb flowers and leaves. The growing scientific evidence for the medicinal value of herbs is putting herbal remedies into mainstream consciousness. we often see recipes for gentle, homemade household cleaning products that rely on herbs and natural ingredients. We can even repel bugs by strictly herbal methods.

It's not long after practical aspects of herbs are appreciated that their deeper meanings begin to affect our lives. The person who makes gifts of handmade opt pourri from herbs, flowers, spices and essential oils also benefits from the gift of time-precious meditative time spent collecting, preparing and handling these wonderful plants. Herbs allow us to draw on ancient rituals that once served to give people spiritual definition. Not surprising then that Navajo smudge pot is finding widespread use amoung non-natives now.

By learning about even just one herb's medicinal value and using it correctly, we make huge strides towards taking responsibility for our own health, thus, what may have began as simply love of plants or a desire to grow some culinary herbs indoors, could very well result in a shift in the way we think about ourselves, our life and the world around us.