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Oatmeal and Oatstraw

The oat plant is perhaps one of nature's most underrated whole foods. The oat plant is rich in B vitamins acting as a nerve tonic and antidepressant. It helps fight fatigue and calms your nerves at the same time.

Oat straw tea and grains help to replace minerals lost to the body due to stress of being overly tired. It additionally assists in the assimilation of calcium. Oats also have the ability to enhance or balance estrogen in the body.

Just two ounces of oat porridge a day is sufficient to get results. When preparing the "oatmeal", forget about milk and sugar. They both cause the grain to ferment on your stomach causing the oats to loose their healing benefits. Instead use a teaspoon of honey and leave out the milk.

Teas and extracts can also be used. Tea is milder than the extract and may tend to work better over time, but the extract is potent enough to get results in the short term. Additionally, oatstraw extract may be a more convenient way to take the tea. There are specific ways to take the extract depending upon what effects you desire. Use 10-30 drops up to 3 times a day. Mix this in COLD water to fight fatigue and in HOT water for anything else unrelated to nerves and insomnia. Oatstraw extract acts as a stimulant when mixed with HOT water.

Large does of oatstraw tea or extract may cause headaches. If you have a sensitivity to gluten allow the extract or tea to settle and drink only the clear liquid.

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